A home’s aesthetic is telling of the home’s owners themselves. And we know you’ve already had your mindset on finally revamping your place, especially your lawn, yard, or pool area. The only thing holding you back is that you’re not sure where to start.

With these expert tips about landscaping ideas, you can full-throttle your way to inexpensive landscape management without having to hire a team to do it for you.

5 Landscaping Ideas You Can DIY

concrete pool deck

1. More Curves, Please

Although this option is entirely up to you, many professional landscape artists and architects agree that there’s an elegance to using curved designs in outdoor landscaping. Centre fountains (as well as non-centre ones), ponds, concrete pool decks, garden edging that follow a curvature border instead of one that’s straight. All of these are great additions to bring a theme of opulence to your yard.
At the same time, pathways can be done in this manner, too. You don’t have to go for a top-to-bottom overhaul. That’s way too expensive (although if you’ve got the dough as they say, then don’t let us stop you). On the other hand, you can simply purchase pieces of limestone and arrange them in a twisting path from your front porch to the sidewalk.
Even better, limestone is inexpensive yet is highly durable. It can withstand weathering elements and keep its quality no matter the season.

2. Potted Greeneries

Plants, along with a variety of bright-coloured flora, are a versatile option in adding pops of “nature” on your yard and pool area. This means that it’s okay not to ruin the soil area. Just leave it as is.
Instead, set potted plants in your desired locations. They’ll give off the appearance similar to that of flowers and greens that are planted in your garden’s topsoil. It’s the same banana. Or… plants, rather. By the way, get creative by mixing up a variety of flora that are able to blossom, each kind during different times of the year.

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3. Flow Like Water

We’ve lightly brushed over this by using “fountains” as an example earlier. Now, we’d like to emphasize this greater still. Water adornments soften the overall feel of an area. It gives off a refreshing appearance in that isn’t overbearing and is very “close to nature”.
Having said this you won’t need to build a large waterfall fountain that’s more than half the size of your lawn. Small pieces will work, too. Remember, even when it comes to landscape designing, simplicity is a rule of thumb that applies nevertheless.

backyard landscaping

4. Outdoor Seats

Wooden benches, single chairs with a table right in the middle. Such additions will instantly make your yard look welcoming. And if you position them in shaded areas, they’ll definitely not only be for fashion but for function as well.
Just be careful to select chairs manufactured with materials that can withstand heat AND moisture. After all, these will be left outside, under the constant heat of the sun, and at times, torrential rains (snow, in 4-seasoned parts of the globe).

5. Light Em’ Up

Finally, let’s talk about lighting fixtures. If you’re a bit wary of where to set these up, start with your walkways. They’ll be useful in illuminating the said path while appearing absolutely brilliant (literally and metaphorically)!
A suggestion— install them in alternating order so as not to overdo this decorating tip.

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