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If you are thinking about the best decorative concrete and stamped concrete pool deck contracting company in the city, only one name comes to mind – Stamped Concrete Pool Deck Tampa. We will transform your ordinary outdoor swimming pool deck into a work of pure artisanship and elegance that no other company can replicate. 

This is a pursuit that we continuously undertake. Contact us now, and put us to the test!

Why Choose Our Company?

Many similar companies exist on this side of the Bay Area. Still, none of them can compete with our excellent services, top-quality products, friendly and professional crew! We got your swimming pool solutions and offers that you cannot find anywhere else. 

Our enterprise is a family-owned pool decking company. It is due to this fact that we know exactly what you need and want. Despite that, we do not stop at just being a family-oriented enterprise.

We have products that exceed quality but are still swell for your pockets. We check them every day for defects and other issues to find out if any require replacement. We also keep our eyes open for the latest trends in the market to stay on top. Nothing beats being one step ahead of the competition.

Do you have questions, suggestions, inquiries, or merely want to find out more about pool decking-related matters? No problem. Our staff will accommodate you with courtesy, professionalism, and a smile. No question or inquiry is too hard for them to answer. And they will entertain you to the best of their abilities.

We value what we do, and our work is the best there is. Besides, our customers and clients can back this up with testimonials and positive reviews. You do not need to find another entity, which will work on your pools and surfaces once we finish working with yours.

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Why Your Pool Deck Needs A Stamped Concrete Deck

Stamped concrete is one of the many choices you can apply to your surfaces and outdoor living areas. It is concrete that you can shape and stamp to form a unique and beautiful design.

We can help you choose a design or pattern – from overlay patterns to bright and minimal textures. Accent with stained concrete or a coating of acrylic-based sealers, we got it all. The thing with stamped patterns is that they can mimic the look of various natural materials like limestone, wood, and stone pavers.

Concrete overlays can add to the value of your deck, regardless of whether you will have it for personal use or if you have plans to sell the property and wish to increase its value.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck – Our Process

Installing stamped concrete is a delicate and uneasy procedure. But it is one that we have managed to perfect throughout the years in service. Below is the process of installing concrete stamps and overlays. Get an idea of how it all comes into place.

1. Subgrade Installation         

Our workers will first prepare the subgrade. Doing this helps prevent soil erosion underneath the concrete. It also prevents drainage.

2. Form Placement

Forms are from plastic, wood, or metal. We attach them to secure the concrete in a specific location. The concrete formations must be secure and in place to create slopes and other shapes and grades.

3. Reinforcement Installation

Then we place reinforcing bars and wires. These will add to the overall integrity and structure, which will support the slabs. The newly installed substrate needs preparation before any resurfacing is put in place. An acid washing or grinding is a necessary step to refine and clear the layer for the overlays. This will ensure the effective adhesion of the concrete’s top layer.

4. Concrete Placing

The next step is to add concrete. You can discuss with us what type of concrete you wish to install on your swimming pool deck. Doing so will avoid any issues that might occur.

5. Concrete Finishing And Screeding

Finishing and screeding are crucial once the concrete finds its place in the location. Decorative stamping is not possible if the finishing and screeding part is improperly done.

6. Color Application

This process is optional since the stamp will shroud over the current concrete finish. For colored coating, you have an option to acid stain or wash or dye the surface.

7. Stamping Process

The stamping procedure demands a lot of precision and effort. The workforce should be enough due to the limited timeframe for stamping. The stamps go into a place, and we will monitor the alignment for a couple of days to ensure the desired effect or design.

8. Curing

Curing allows moisture content to retain. This part is to give the concrete’s properties to develop. This part of the overall job makes the concrete compressed and solid.

9. Sealing

A stamped concrete pool deck is not complete without a sealing job. Applying sealers is the last step and is the most important. The sealers give better color, add surface sheen, reduce discoloration, and prevent dirt, water, chemical, and other material from penetrating the stamped concrete.

The Perks Of Having A Stamped Concrete Deck

  • Stamped concrete is economical, and maintenance is not an issue. This is why many homeowners and pool business managers stick to stamped concrete decks rather than other decking methods.
  • You have the liberty to customize your pool deck with any style or design you wish. The sky’s the limit on this one.
  • Our stamped concrete is eco-friendly. 
  • Damage to your pool is minimal, and repairs are a rare thing.
  • Stamped concrete decks are slip-resistant. They can resist heat as well.
  • Stamped concrete pool decks also have traction. No harm will come to anyone who walks on and around them.
  • These kinds of decks have a cool surface. Walking on them is a great experience, especially on a hot, sunny day.
  • The sealers provide the decks with additional safety, and they prevent erosion.
  • You can also apply stamped concrete on other parts of your property, such as patios, backyards, and other outdoor living spaces.
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Our Other Available Services

Stamped concrete Tampa does not limit its services only to decorative concrete and stamping. There is more to our company than just that.

We provide other services as well:

  • Textured concrete

You can choose from our vast choices of textured concrete motifs and designs. They create a sense of uniqueness in a pool deck.

  • Spray decking

Spray decking is a resurfacing alternative that does not cost much. The result is a rich, safe, and non-skid area that comes in a variety of colors.

  • Pool deck repair

Like many things, pool decks fall to damage and wear. We are here to perform pool deck repairs and maintenance to keep your pool deck looking brand-new and ship-shaped.

  • Pool deck resurfacing

Pool deck resurfacing revitalizes your setting without the need to replace the slab. Resurfacing will improve a deck’s function.

  • Refinishing and resealing

Our company offers concrete pool deck finishes and resealing services to restore the many protective functions of sealers and finishes. We recommend this for areas with high traffic and usage.

  • Classic Sundek texture

A classic Sundek texture is slip-resistance in all its glory. This finish is safe to walk on and is pleasing to look at.

  • Concrete staining

Our concrete staining job can bring new life to your outdoor setting and decks. Concrete staining makes use of acid-based stains and water-based stains.

  • Travertine installation

Travertine is another famous choice for patios and pool areas everywhere. The material is a kind of limestone that retains coolness even under the hot sun.

Let's Talk About Costs

Our products and services are the best in the Tampa Bay area. However, this does not mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars to make your pool deck function better and look more appealing.

The cost for your concrete’s stamped pool decking depends on a myriad of factors. You will have to consider the concrete and other materials that we will use. Transportation and usage of our equipment is another factor. You will additionally have to pay for the labor fees of our personnel.

Our experts can go ahead and talk with you. Discussions regarding finance, the project’s timeframe, and purchases will come in order. Your budget will not be a problem. We will make sure that you pay for what you have to, and there are no hidden fees or other miscellaneous fees whatsoever. 

Money is a big deal to many of us. In light of this, we maintain our credibility by providing the ideal service for a client and charging only for what is necessary.

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Getting The Job Done

Our concrete contractor will start the work on your pool deck once all planning and discussions are over and taken care of. All rights reserved! You can take it easy while we get down to business.

A part of our procedure is to facilitate a perimeter around the deck to ensure no one enters the work area for safety. Our crew is hardworking and professional, regularly updating their skills to stay sharp and efficient for the next action, so the job may take less time to complete.

Less time working on the pool means less time for it to seal and cure. And once all of that is over, you can now take a well-deserved splash while admiring the fruits of our efforts.

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Get In Touch With Us

There is no other time to contact us but now. We can carefully plan your pool deck operation and get to work on it at the soonest possible time. 

Get in touch with us today! We will offer you a free estimate. Call @(813) 513-9506. For decorative flooring solutions to your commercial or residential pools. You can count on us!


Our lines are always open. Plus, you can find out more about us, what we have to offer, available materials and tools for purchase, clientele testimonials, and reviews, and upgrade options, more on our website.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick up your phone or boot your computer up and give us a head’s up.


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