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Cost of a Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Listing down all the needs for installing a stamped concrete pool deck saves a big pie of your budget for home improvement. Understanding the purpose of why you need a pool deck repair will help you distribute your resources equally. What will cost your pool deck repair?

The financial cost is what you probably look at first. However, there are more pool deck repair and resurfacing areas that you have to understand before you dive into your plan of upgrading your pool deck.

You want durable and beautiful materials to successfully translate your stamped concrete patio ideas into your pool deck. Next is, hiring a trustworthy contractor who will put the work worthy of all the cost of concrete installation. Knowing the complete process before moving forward with pool deck installation will save you from issues that can drown you in future problems.

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Pool Deck Repair Planning

Have a clear plan first. Do you need a full repair? Or, you only want a pool resurfacing? Maybe what you only need is a change to a stamped concrete pool deck, today’s pool resurfacing process. Trustworthy pool repair services will recommend you to look at the option of installing stamped concrete designs if you are tired of leaks and stains on your pool tiles. Stamped concrete is affordable and durable. The average cost for a stamped pool deck installation is at $ 2275.00 to $ 2677.50.
If you have decided on this type of pool deck installation, the next thing for you is to find out the final stamped concrete cost. Depending on the degree of the installation process, the price ranges from $ 2187.50 for basic installation, up to $ 2800.00 for a complete pool deck overhaul. Contact a contractor near you today to get a free estimate of the total cost!

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Stamped Concrete Overlay Material Cost​

A pool deck repair contractor can guide you on what materials and the level of repair needed to your pool deck. Have your contractor give you a full estimate of material costs for a concrete stamping process.
The most common challenge that will cost you much of your resources during the installation of a stamped concrete pool deck is determining the size and quantity of the materials. Contractors and clients disagree at the end because of the underestimation of materials. When you think you have already finalized the cost for your pool project, your contractor will have to ask for additional charges. It is because a certain number of materials were not specified at the beginning of your contract.​

Post- Installation, Additional Labor Costs

Stamped concrete overlay problems occur as common issues right after a concrete stamping repair and installation. Concrete stamping installation is incredibly affordable; however, it comes with high labor costs.
To avoid problems after the installation, make sure that you made multiple estimates of your pool deck. Know the size, the style that would match your home, and the colors that will be compatible in your pool area. It would be a waste of labor if you realized that the patterns and the concrete texture did not match your overall home design.

To minimize future problems, set a plan, and keep a checklist of the quality and style that you want to have on your stamped concrete pool deck. Have a durable pool deck resurfacing with a licensed and experienced pool contractor that will let you go through the whole process.

Frequently Asked Questions

For an average cost, it is priced at $7.75 per square foot. As for the best pool deck, it costs $10.55 per square foot.

This costs $15 to $30 per square foot, depending on the design and materials.

It is priced at $3 to $4 per square foot.

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