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Which is the Best Choice: Concrete Pool Deck Stain or Paint?

Concrete pool decks could transform from being an ordinary grey slab to an attractive piece that increases the aesthetics surrounding the pool. You got two standard options:

pool deck resurfacing stained

The Two Options:

1. Stain Concrete Pool Decks

First, you can stain concrete pool deck. Staining is a durable coloring application that makes concrete slabs look livelier, more vibrant, and fresh than ever before.

2. Paint The Concrete Pool Decks

The second typical pool decking material is paint. Paints are easy to use. However, there are several downsides to painting when you are looking for more sustainable and long-lasting quality.

Stained concrete pool decks do last longer than any other coloring application.
Compare the two most preferred materials for pool decks. One is a coloring application and enhancer, and the other is a covering or coating that protects the surface of the decks.

Which is the best choice? What fits your pool decks better?

Paint Vs. Stain: Pool Deck Aesthetics in review

What is Stain Concrete Pool Deck?

Concrete stains are often an interior floor application, but now you can also stain those outdoors. The pigments applied on the slabs would not fade quickly with a stained concrete pool deck.

Even with constant exposure to the pool water that can damage any coloring agent, the pigments stay vibrant. That is because the pool decking surface is finished with an acrylic-based coating. Pool deck concrete contractors ensure that this process of adding that sealer completes the decks from concrete to coating.

What is Pool Deck Paint?

A concrete pool deck paint is like using ordinary floor paint. However, these types of paint would have to be applied thicker, and the outcome should provide a tucker, rubbery paint covering. Using paint is common among massive public and commercial swimming pools where the application could take days, and maintenance must be done regularly.
Now let’s compare the two according to their beneficial features and uses.

What makes Stain vs. Paint the Best Choice?

stained concrete pool deck with chairs

After that, we’ve defined what paint and staining are. Now let’s compare the two comparing their durability, cost-efficiency, and longevity.
These three tell how a material meets the preferences of every pool owner depending on various requirements they have for making the pool decks.

Which is More Long-Lasting?

Of course, the straightforward answer to this is stunned pool decks. As said a while ago, the pigments applied to color staining last longer on the decking material than any other ordinary coloring met. The colors penetrate the concrete, and they not only color the surface but what is in the core of the concrete decks.

Which is More Cost-Efficient?

If you want to work on a tight budget and need to revamp the decks ASAP, the affordable choice would be painted. However, It may cost more for you when maintenance time comes.
Concrete stains, however, would have a slight difference. But this would be a cost-efficient choice since you are after the longevity of the casting materials.

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