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Exquisite pool decks create all the difference in your pool area. Fulfill your need for leisure not only by the fun activities but also with artistically crafted decks. A visually appealing swimming pool design is achievable with us, your top pool resurfacing repair service provider, Tampa Pool Decks.

Have unmatched leisure experience by the pristine waters built in your properties. Make it complete with superior materials that increase your outdoor spaces’ values.

Need a pool upgrade? Call us at (813) 513-9506 we will upscale your pool decks’ form and function! FREE QUOTE!

What Type of Pool Do I Have?

Repairs can be challenging when you don’t have enough know-how about the construction needs. So, it serves as your reason to hire professionals to plan your pool projects. But as we aim to provide client-oriented service, here allow us to share some of the basic considerations for pool repair and planning. The kind of swimming pool you have is based on its structure, designs, style, function, and construction area.

The two common structures of the pool

What pools do you have? Common among commercial and residential properties are the in-ground pool and then the above ground pool.

Different pool structures have different needs. Based on their features is where your plan, design, and cost depend.

1. In-ground pool

In-ground pools are common pool structures. It’s decks level with the pavement around the pool grounds. The style of in-ground pools is perfect for a high-end leisure area in residential and commercial pools. While others build their in-ground pool with fiberglass and vinyl, our team specializes in in-ground concrete pools.

2. Above Ground pool

This pool structure makes a distinct aesthetic. The pool stands out from the ground. With this pool, you can see the deck designed around the pool. There is no need to dig underground. The process of building above ground pools is known for being less costly.

Your pools out on the ground can enhance through remodeling or refinishing.

Pool area Types

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Wherever you got your pool, we will be there for you! Our experts have years of successful pool projects. Upgrading the style, repairing, and remodeling in residential and commercial pools.

  • Residential Pool. There’s no place like pools at home. Have yourself plunge into natural pools or above ground pools that are chilling in your yard. Our repair team can increase your leisure space value. Concrete swimming pool decks provide safety around the deck. It lets your family savor the fun moments without minding about fear of accidents. Cut slipping or falling due to cracked surfaces.
  • Commercial Pool. Do you own a hotel or vacation spot? A pool area makes a paradise out of your commercial pool space. Invest in refinishing or remodeling with a Tampa commercial pool deck. Polished surfaces are seamless, stylish, and secured with anti-slip and impact-resistant features. Concrete pools offer you lasting quality. Save your business from costly maintenance and construction and get eye-catching pools that your customers will surely enjoy!

Quality Repairs for Common Problems

Low-quality construction causes all known problems among owners. No matter what type of you have cracks, dents, and holes, you need to get rid of them. Commercial and residential pools can get damages either from neglect or overuse.

Good news! We got your pools covered! We value accuracy and proficiency. That is the reason why clients love our service. See-through the cracks and use a suitable remedy. Whatever issues you got, our help is on your way? So what signs of pool problems that you need to watch out for?

  • Cracks on the surface. Cracks are common around the pool. Traditional materials such as tiles and pavers can also be durable materials. People who hang around the swimming area don’t need to feel limited about how they can enjoy it. They play around it, dive and run.

Tiles crack due to the impact of these movements. Other materials as concrete and pavers acquire damages through time. It is our expert advice to consider refinishing old concrete around the pool. Or a replacement for old dented tiles.

However, in places where water activities occur, the materials can wear off. The soil underneath gets moist. Tiles that crack can let water seep through.

  • Dents on the Deck. Poorly installed decks can quickly come off. When the soil underneath gets exposed to too much water, the surface can sink. As time passes, the materials above deform. When the impact hits the surface, the substrate weakens. That makes the surface prone to strong forces that can either cause holes and dents.
  • Discoloration. Pools’ decks decrease their appeal when they are too old or are exposed to various elements. Stains can discolor the decks. A concrete surface’s colores coating can also fade as it ages. You might want to consider resurfacing or refinishing that pool deck.
  • Spalling. When water leakage reached its severe point, the decks’ damages would later cause spalling. The spalling can happen when the material above becomes too weak. The materials quickly fragment.

Solid concrete materials soften when soaked in too much water. Either the concrete used is weak or too old, spalling can disappear with overlay stamping.

Tampa Pool deck Repair Options: Decorative concrete tampa

Have time to size up your pools’ repair requirements. Here let us give you pool repairs options you can choose. Take time considering the structure and the degree of damages and get to us. We will help you pin down the pool repair that fits your needs.

Pool deck resurfacing Tampa Fl. You can resurface the deck with concrete materials. They are known for their durability and longevity. This is an instant solution that gives you lasting satisfaction.

Concrete Stamping. Stamped concrete pool decks are a popular option. It gives timeless appeal. The look transforms your outdoor space into a high-end hotel-like spot. Achieve that, too, mostly in your residential areas. The stamps cover endless design possibilities. It is the right choice for incorporating natural stone and earthy patterns in your space.

Pool Deck Levelling. A common issue on the decks is uneven concrete. Pool deck leveling is the right fix. A part of the deck sinks, creating a layer of steps or gaps. This will cause accidents. Leveling helps increase safety around your pool.

stamped concrete pool deck

Benefits of Repairing Concrete Pool Decks

A concrete repair to pool decks in Tampa offers many benefits for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living space. By performing deck restoration or deck refinishing, you can extend the life of your pool deck and improve its appearance. Pool decks that have undergone deck repairs will not only look great, but will also be safer to use, especially with a new deck coating. Not only that, but a pool deck resurfacing can also upgrade your existing kool deck, cool decking, or stamped concrete patio. The cost of resurfacing pool decks is often much lower than a full pool repair in Tampa. Whether you have an inground pool or an exposed aggregate patio, the experts at Tampa pool repair can help you with your resurfacing needs.

Why Hire a Professional for Concrete Repairs?

There are several reasons why homeowners should consider hiring a professional contractor to repair their concrete pool decks. Here are some of the key reasons:

  1. Expertise: Professional contractors have the knowledge and experience to properly assess the damage to the pool deck and determine the best repair options. They also have the skills and tools to complete the work effectively and efficiently.

  2. Waterproofing: It is important to ensure that the repaired pool deck is properly waterproofed to prevent future damage. Professional contractors can access high-quality materials and techniques for waterproofing the pool deck.

  3. Estimate: A professional contractor can provide an accurate estimate for the repair work cost, so homeowners can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the repairs.

  4. Color Options: Professional contractors can provide a range of color options for the pool deck repair, so homeowners can choose a color that matches their existing pool deck or create a new look.

  5. Weather and Expansion Joints: Professional contractors understand how weather and expansion joints can impact concrete pool decks. They can take steps to mitigate these causes of damage during the repair process.

  6. Broken and Cracked Deck: Professional contractors can repair broken and cracked pool decks with patch repairs and can even overlay the deck with a new layer of concrete if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resurfacing a pool deck or doing a pool deck repair in Tampa or other areas will vary in price. Some will charge at a minimum of $3 per square meter. However, this won’t include cleaning and refurnishing before the actual coating. For a full procedure, don’t compromise. Get those that charge $6 to $12 per square meter. Check out their portfolios and reviews to know if you’re getting what’s worth your money.

Step 1. Clean the Area. Make sure you  prep the pool deck area from clearing debris to filling in the cracks. Scrub away tough grime or use a pressure washer to make the job easier. The most important part is to let it dry for at least 24 hours. 

Step 2. Apply the Mixture. It’s time to pour in your coating! If yours is store bought, you should see instructions and precautions on the label. Make sure to follow it and prepare your safety measures against the fumes. Pour it evenly and watch out for unleveled areas that may cause the coating to pool. Trowel any heavily coated areas but don’t coat it to thin at the edges as well. A hot summer day can easily dry out the coating and make it hard to remedy.  Leave it to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 3. Choose a quality top-coat. The job isn’t done until a top-coat is in. Choose between a clear coating or a glossy finish. The most important thing is to seal your decks from water and the strong chemicals. Spalling can happen if there are holes and cracks in your concrete.

Old coatings need to be grinded away with a diamond grinder or sand paper before a new coating can be poured on it. For large areas, sand paper may be too laborious  so getting a grinding machine or a grinding contractor may be a better option for you. After all, you don’t want to spend your entire week just grinding your pool and patio.

Deck pool repairs in Tampa and Florida is possible with a concrete grinder or hot water and a pressure water. It won’t be instantaneous since you’ll have to go back and forth to get rid of those stubborn spots.

considering a pool deck resurfacing for your backyard pool? In need of a quick tampa commercial pool deck resurfacing? Call us now (813) 513-9506! We offer a free consultation to know your pool decking needs! Secure a cost-effective and quality solution for a happier home and high-end pool spot for your business in new port richey, Tampa bay & tampa Florida!

Are you tired of your worn-out or damaged pool deck ruining outdoor fun? Contact our company today for expert brick and concrete pool deck repairs in Tampa, Florida. With our specialized decorative concrete resurfacing, pool deck refinishing, and pool deck restoration services, we can revive your property quickly. Whether you need patch repairs or full pool deck restorations, our skilled team can deliver outstanding results that match your preferences. Trust us to transform your pool area with top-quality pool deck resurfacing services in Tampa.

Don’t let your concrete slab or cool deck resurfacing be one of the types of repairs that you put off until later. Call us today, and let us take care of everything for you. We can help you patch any damage and prevent further deterioration of your pool deck, ensuring it lasts for years.

So if you’re looking for reasons to invest in your property and get your pool deck fixed, consider how much more enjoyable your outdoor space will be with a newly repaired deck. Plus, with our free quote for pool resurfacing in Tampa, there’s no reason not to get started immediately. Contact us today, and let us make your pool area the envy of the neighborhood!

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