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Tampa Pool Decks is a customer-oriented company that provides services on concrete pool deck resurfacing, refinishing, and more. It focuses on achieving a certain level of high-quality outcomes through its delivery of service. We prioritize the demands of our customers. Our goal is to exceed your definition of the quality of concrete pool decks.

With Tampa Pool Decks, you can be assured that the result will be of outstanding craftsmanship where aesthetic value is also regarded with utmost importance. In addition to excellent workmanship, we give you innovative solutions to your concrete pool deck problems. You can expect Tampa Pool Decks will go above and beyond your pool deck needs.

We offer swimming pool deck repairs, crack repairs, stamped concrete, sundek classic texture, pool deck resurfacing, resealing, and refinishing.

Resurfacing vs. Refinishing: Which is Better for Pool Decks in Tampa?

These decorative concrete options enhance function and appearances of your pool decks. They can both restore concrete and add value to your pool deck. These are both good options for achieving a stronger, safer, and better-looking swimming pool deck. Although this is so, there are still differences in these restorative systems for concrete.

Resurfacing pertains to restoring your concrete by adding an overlay or coating. This results in having a new surface layer on top. On the other hand, refinishing only changes the finish (staining or sealing) of a concrete slab and not the entire top layer.

This is why refinishing can only address certain issues encountered on concrete pool decks such as discoloration and exposure to harmful outdoor elements compared to resurfacing where it can address almost every problem like cracks, slippery concrete, discoloration, spalling, and more. Pool deck resurfacing and refinishing are great options that will improve the look of your decks.

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Benefits of Refinishing

A beautiful pool deck in Florida is a statement piece for your home. From stone pavers to brick overlays, it adds value and luxury to your outdoor space, providing a place for your family to bond and have fun. But when stains, discoloration, peeling, or slipping occur, it’s time for a renovation. Trust Tampa Pool Decks for your concrete pool deck refinishing needs. Our services include deck cleaning, replastering, restoration, and pool repair and resurfacing for residential and commercial swimming pools. Upgrade your pool decking with a renovation or resurfacing, ensuring your outdoor oasis is ready for years of enjoyment. Contact us today for your pool decking resurfacing or pool resurfacing in Tampa.


One of the benefits of concrete pool deck refinishing Tampa is being able to provide protection. Through refinishing, a protective layer will be added on the surface of your concrete slab that will help it become strongly resistant to harmful outdoor elements that affect your concrete.

These result in weathering or erosion which causes discoloration, peeling, and slipperiness. It is also important to note that human traffic also causes these common problems encountered.

Aesthetic Value

Since discoloration and stains are addressed, an enhanced appearance is one of the outcomes of concrete pool deck refinishing from Tampa Pool Decks. More so, one of refinishing’s essential functions is to add color and shine to your concrete surface.

By availing of services for pool deck refinishing, your pool deck will become more vibrant and can even be customized to have the consistent color tones you would want for it.

Refinishing Options in Tampa, Florida

Two concrete refinishing systems emphasize and expound emphasize and expound on how refinishing concrete pool decks are essential for your concrete surfaces from time to time.

Stained Concrete

Concrete staining is a refinishing system where the stain is applied to a certain area where discoloration had occurred. This addresses both acid and water-based stains where acid results in random colors and effects while water yields consistent colors.

Concrete Sealing

This type of refinishing system attends to durability improvement as this is where pores are sealed so as not to absorb harmful elements. When contaminants like water and oil reach the concrete slab’s pores, these contaminants may seep in and cause different detrimental outcomes for the concrete.

Thus, concrete sealing becomes necessary. Additionally, these pore sealers protect the concrete from contaminants, but also supports the concrete in bearing traffic, be it human or different equipment.

More so, as sealers act as the protective layer working on shutting pores from contaminants, they also function as a decorative material by adding shine to your concrete surface. Hence, concrete sealing contributes to the overall long-lasting quality and appearance of your pool deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Clean your decks

    Remove every grime, stain, and mildew that you find on the surface. Take out any loose concrete lying around and inspect for cracks and possible spalling.

    Tape out the sides and areas you don’t want to coat over.

  2. Patch up the cracks

    Never miss out on the cracks since they may be an indication of deeper damage.

    Buy a patching compound and rub it nicely into the cracks. go over it with a damp sponge to remove the residue.

  3. Apply the coating

    Depending on the product that you get, follow the instructions on its packaging. Prepare your trowel and slowly pour the mixture in and trowel side to side.

    Don’t be afraid to pour a lot in. It’s better to let the mixture pool around the pool than to let it dry prematurely.

  4. Apply the sealer

    Sealer products have different instructions. Some are water-based, making it easier to spray.

    Whichever you get, better buy a spray tool or equipment and slowly scatter it around. Don’t let the liquid pool in one spot.

  5. Wait and let dry

    IF you’re satisfied with the coating and trowelling, leave it to dry for a day.

    If the product instructions have a specific waiting time, follow that, but one day is generally good enough.

The average cost of trademark pool deck resurfacing products is $4. But, this doesn’t include the preparation and sealing products and equipment you’ll need to finish the job.

At $6 to $8, hiring pool deck contractors will be a cost-effective option since you won’t be buying any more materials other than the service you’ll pay for.

Because epoxy is stain-resistant and water-resistant, they are a great option for pool deck coatings. But, not every epoxy product is good for decks.

Look for specialized epoxy that has UV resistance or those specially made for pool decks and outdoor use.

Staining your pool deck is the better option because it won’t chip off and peel. Some paints may be water-resistant but the color will come off sooner or later.

Staining is a more permanent option that can last your concrete up to 10 years.

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Transform your old and dull pool deck into a stunning outdoor oasis with our concrete pool deck refinishing services in Tampa. With various overlay options, we offer custom patterns and designs to fit your unique style and budget. From pool resurfacing to deck restoration, our experienced team can handle any type of pool renovation project. Choose from stamped concrete, Kool deck, or travertine pool options to create a beautiful and functional space for your inground swimming pool. Don’t miss out on enhancing your outdoor space and adding value to your home. Contact us today to learn more about our pool decking resurfacing options and get a free estimate of the resurfacing cost.

Find out more, work your way towards achieving the dream pool you’ve always wanted, and get a free estimate from professional concrete contractors by calling (813) 513-9506 or sending an email to info@tampapooldecks.com! We service the Tampa Bay area, New Port Richey, and surrounding areas in Tampa Fl.

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Tampa Pool Decks is a proud member of Tampa community. We are committed to create better residential and commercial properties through concrete restoration, masterful craftsmanship, and smart design.

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