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Prevent water leaking from the pool with these resurfacing tips

It can be a pain to keep a swimming pool in good shape. You must ensure that all its parts, including its pool decks, are away from any issues.

One of the biggest problems you would face when owning and maintaining a pool is water leaks. Leaks can happen anywhere. It can occur on concrete pool decks. It can also happen when it has broken pipes and filters. If you’re not careful, those tiny drops can turn into a pool of problems that will soon cost you money in your water bills and pool repairs.

Now we bring you this blog to share some resurfacing tips to prevent water leaks from starting on the most crucial part of a pool, the concrete decks. Keep a leak-free pool surface with resurfacing pool decks! We asked experts in pool deck resurfacing in Tampa!

Pool with crystal clear water

Tips on resurfacing to prevent leaks on the pool decks

Water leaks can be due to many different factors. For instance, water on the surface had exited from a cracked concrete. Water can go inside the deck’sdeck’s concrete materials when water splashes on that surface.
Soon the material will weaken and can turn into severe cracks and underground soil corrosion. Another scenario is that the water that leaked from the pipes caused the foundation of the swimming pool to brake loose and soften the soil. The deck above would soon fall due to uneven and sinking slabs.

Here’s to help you care for your pool areas and outdoor spaces. Prevent the worst effect of the leaks from the ground up with these tips when resurfacing pool deck.

Tip #1: Apply an acrylic coating

When you notice too much water on the pool deck surfaces, it might be time for pool deck refinishing or resurfacing. One way to prevent puddles of water from gathering on the surface is with acrylic pool decks resurfacing. This will create a smooth waterproof surface. As you apply a waterproof coating, the decks will stay dry. It will also help protect and seal the surface to prevent leaks.


Waterproofing a pool deck

Tip #2: AppLy epoxy coating

Epoxy is a substance that creates a watertight sealer. When applied to a surface, it becomes a durable concrete material.

That is also why experts recommend using this to seal pool deck surfaces for two reasons. One is that it adds a layer of tough coating to the concrete pool deck to prevent it from cracks caused by elements such as water.

Next that, the epoxy coating also makes a slip-resistant surface by providing a water-repelling property on the deck’sdeck’s surface. This means that no water will flow over the deck. It will not leave traces of moisture on the surface, so it will not weaken any material from which the decks are built of.

Tip #3: Installing Vinyl Liners

When resurfacing your pool decks, it is crucial that you take care not to ruin the vinyl liners.

If you got concrete pools, a vinyl liner might also not exist. Some pools opt not to have liners other than a concrete coping to maintain a seamless look.

But one of the expert’s advice to stop water leaks in a pool is to install vinyl liners.
The liner is often cemented or welded into place. Because vinyl liners come in a variety of hues and designs, you have the option of modernizing the appearance of your pool.

Plus, it is also waterproof, thus preventing any leaks from escaping from the pool to the decks.

Tip #4: Apply a cementitious coating

This type of coating is made of cement, sand, and other things that create a strong and waterproof surface. It is applied in multiple layers to the pool’spool’s surface, creating a seamless and durable barrier against water leaks. It can also be tinted to create a new color and texture for the pool.

Final reminders

An important tip is to have your pool resurfaced by a professional concrete contractor. While someone you can do things on your own, a professional resurfacer will do the job better.
They have enough experience working with pools and know how to prevent water leaks. You should also regularly maintain your pool by keeping the water levels consistent and fixing any cracks or damage immediately. This will help your pool last longer and prevent leaks.


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