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How You Can Prepare Your Pool for the New Fall Season

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As the colder months finally approach us, it is time to address your outdoor pool and what you should do with it. Typically, it is recommended that you close your pool during the fall because of all the leaves and debris that may fall into it, as well as the extreme drop in temperature. If you’re planning to close your swimming area for the fall, these are the steps you can take to make sure reopening it in the summer will be easy and pain-free:

7 Things To do When Closing Pool For Summer

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1. Make any necessary repairs

Whether that’s for the tiles, the filter system, or the pool deck, you should attend to any repairs before you close the pool for the season. This ensures that even though it is closed, it will not cease in its proper functioning, which means less maintenance work will be needed when you reopen the pool again. If you’re looking for a reliable contractor for a Tampa pool deck repair, we offer skilled and affordable services that can prepare you for the new season.

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2. Do a general cleaning

Before you close up a pool, you should clean every part of it, its deck, and any accessories you may have. Dirty pools can be attractive breeding grounds for bacteria and other undesirable growth. You can either do this yourself or hire a professional to complete this step.

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3. Change the water balance of the pool

A closed pool in the cold has different water balance needs compared to one that is open in the summer. Adjusting the pH levels to around 7.2-7.6, alkalinity to 100-120 ppm, and calcium hardness to 180-220 ppm is an important task that could make the difference between a well-maintained closed pool and one that will cause further problems down the line.

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4. Shock with chlorine

Any pool that is regularly used is sure to have some kind of buildup of chloramines and bacteria. Shocking, or using a high level of chlorine at one time, effectively removes any buildup and contamination of water. Doing this before you close a pool ensures there will be no buildup of bacteria or algae.

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5. Check over filters, heater, and pumps

If you’ve ever wondered how outdoor pools don’t freeze in the middle of winter when temperatures are staggeringly low, the answer lies in the filters, heaters, and pumps that keep the water moving and warm. That’s why you should take the time to drain and make any necessary repairs to all these important accessories.

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6. Reduce the water level of the pool

To prepare for the pool cover, you will have to reduce the water significantly. Not only does this make it easier for the application of the pool cover, but it also reduces the overall energy levels of the entire system.

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7. Choose a cover

There are many kinds of pool covers on the market. Choosing which one is best for your pool will depend on the kind of pool you own, its size, your budget, as well as how long you plan to keep your swimming pool closed. Consulting a professional about what kind of cover is best as well as for the actual installation of the cover is generally recommended for first-time owners.

Ready to face the fall with this guide? If you are looking to repair your decks, try us at Tampa pool decks! Our team specializes in recreating decks to improve the looks and the sustainability for long-term use. We’ve also got more blogs for you to read about! Discover why having a pool deck contractor is for keeps.

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