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Taking Care of Your Pool Decks: 2022 Guide

Do you have existing concrete pool decks and wonder if you can resurface them with Tampa pool decking? You might be planning a pool deck maintenance before summertime.

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So, before people crowd your commercial pools or guests visit your residential pools, take time to assess the condition of the entire swimming area, especially their pool decks. You want to eliminate any potential cause of accidents like pool decking cracks or uneven surfaces with loose concrete.

Concrete Pool Deck Pro Tips: Basic Maintenance Guide

Here are typical maintenance to do:

  • Repair small cracks
  • Pressure wash
  • Remove stains and algae
  • Level the concrete

Check out the common issues to watch out for:

  • Large cracks
  • Water collecting on the pool deck surface
  • Loose concrete
  • Faded pool decking sealer

Visit our previous blogs on how to identify pool deck cracks and other issues so you can have an idea of what maintenance and repair methods to use. It could also be possible that you won’t be able to find what you are looking for. It would be best to talk to a local concrete pool decking contractor for the best advice.

Below will explain how each maintenance is done. You could also find out if you can DIY or call a professional concrete pool deck repairs.

1. Repair Small Cracks

If you got a stamped pool deck, then cracks would rarely happen. However, such damage could occur when a natural disaster could cause structural damage.

There could be a minor crack, and your option is to resurface with an overlay or perform a crack repair using a concrete patch kit for outdoor floors. One product that you can use is the proxy grout patching compound.

2. Pressure Wash

Pressure washing concrete surfaces is usually done once a year. For commercial areas where heavy foot traffic often happens, pool decks in those areas would need at least two pressure wash sessions in a year.
You can use the household pressure washer if you have a small residential pool. Or get an adjustable nozzle to create pressurized water.

However, for commercial pools, you would need to ask a local pool decking maintenance to have their pressure washing device clean the entire pool decks in your pool business property.

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3. Algae Removal

Green algae and molds are residents of overused pool decks and those which are neglected as well. These micro plant-like organisms usually grow during wet seasons.

Their existence makes the pool water unsafe to swim to. So, pool care that involves draining the entire swimming basin and maintaining the pool filter systems must be done.

The pool decks may need resurfacing or pool deck refinings if the algae have grown into millions of species. You would know they had created an empire in the decks by how the pool water turned green fast and how slippery the decks had become.

4. Faded Sealer

The last common maintenance sign is the faded sealer. Pool decks have sealers to improve slip resistance and improve their aesthetic appeal. When it fades, you can easily tell how undesirable the surroundings look.

A resealing of concrete pool decks is a must. But do not worry about how much it will cost you. Concrete resealing will only need to occur at least once every three years.

You would still have time to prepare for it. Or prevent how often you would need one by caring for the pool decks properly throughout the year.

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