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Pool Deck Maintenance: After the Holidays

The first months of the year may be a good starting point for revisiting the pool decks and undergoing major maintenance.

The holidays may still run until the first two months of the new year, and people still hangover from the past celebrations. That said, many areas of the property are out of sight and maybe neglected for a long time. It’s high time that you need to call experts on resurfacing pool decks.


This is your 101 on pool deck post-holidays restoration.

Post-Holidays Restoration: Damages and Repairs

During the past celebrations, visitors constantly come in and out of the properties, subjecting the concrete floors to a lot of beating.


You may have already learned about the common issues that occur on concrete. Such problems are common, and there are tried and tested methods such as resurfacing and refinishing to cover up those damages.


But after the floors had been neglected, especially during the last few months of the year, entering the new year, new problems surfaced and old ones may have gotten worse.


Here are common holiday-stricken floor problems.

1. Hardcore Sticky Stains

There will be no other time in the year when the floors, wherever they may be, get beaten a lot. Non-stop heavy foot traffic for the indoor floorings, vehicle traffic, and engine marks stain the surface of outdoor floors as a garage can concrete driveways.

Whether you are in a residential or commercial property after the crowd had settled and the massive grey spaces revealed their y would only see the enormous stains covering the polished surfaces.


THE CURE: Find a cure for this after holiday effect as sticky stains are stuck on the floors. The most practical thing you can do is to pressure wash the surface.


The post-holiday season would be perfect. Use the time you are still waiting to return to your jobs or regular work. While waiting, use the time to perform a few major cleaning and maintenance checks to the spaces around the property.

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2. Growing Cracks

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Before, you would only get warnings about the common cracks, and a readily available patching and filling compound will fix it.


But now, those thin creases seemed to grow, especially after the peak season of guests. The no-need-to-worry cracks are now your next big worry start of the year.


Once you notice that the old crease seems to grow and increase, you need to call for a flooring expert to evaluate the floors. Do it before the post-holiday season’s end for a quick cram to finish significant housing projects.

3. Too Much Moisture and Damp Concrete

The months beginning the holidays leading to the first months of the new year, the weather dips, and for humid regions like Tampa, the climate also gets a little cooler.


That makes the air damp creating moisture on the concrete surfaces. Remember that too much exposure to water weakens the slab’s durability.
Remember as well that this condition is not something man-made. It’s out of natural cause that you would not prevent at all.


However, that is not entirely true. You can do ahead of the cold seasons, provide a solution, and give prevention, which is better than cure.

What You Can Do To Protect The Floors When It's Wintertime

Here are practical ways to care for the concrete and provide aid for the cold weather:

  • Provide carpeting or mats on the concrete floor for protection from moisture and wet shoes
  • Carpets and rugs would also add warmth to the floor
  • Apply sealer on the surface if you got a bare, unfinished concrete
  • Reseal coatings if they tend to wear and tear
  • You may opt to use paint for temporary protection from water and moisture during damp and cold seasons
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