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What’s the best pool deck material?

What's the best pool deck material?

Design is a key factor for making a fabulous aesthetic for the swimming pool area. Leisure and fun feel complete when the surrounding decks add to the overall appeal of the pool ambiance. Choosing the right material is critical to creating the best image and patterns that a deck reveals.

There are now many available pool decking materials that give both satisfying form and substantial function. Discover what these are in this blog. Read on. 

1- Slip-resistant Material

When choosing a pool decking material first, look for the one that has slip-resistant quality. This is the most important for the swimming pool area. Of course, you need concrete surfacing or any type of footings to be safe to stroll and walk on.

A stamped concrete pool deck overlay offers non-slippery steps. The concrete with stamps looks glossy on the surface. But it also has ample traction that makes the surface repel wet areas. Reducing water presence on its top layer.

This way, even if water splashes and ripples on the concrete deck, the surface remains safe for walking, strolling, relaxing.

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2- Cooling Concrete Deck

Concrete is well-loved flooring material, among any other. For humid areas, especially for those near desert and tropical weather that dominates the region, concrete floors are suitable for any dwelling properties. Applying a pool deck refinishing Tampa will level up the face of your pool even more

This inspires the swimming pool owners to transform their pools with concrete floorings and walls. Departing from the conventional tiles and composite wood decks, it’s only concrete that offers advanced cooling technology for the decking around a pool.

To finish a concrete deck, the best coating technique is a spray knockdown texture. It is specifically made for the pools. The knockdown texture created from trowelling down the epoxy sealer gives added traction on a watery poolside surfacing.

The glossy concrete surface also repels heat rays. In that way, it reduces the absorption of high temperatures, especially when the sun’s up.

3- Stain Resistance

Pool decks can look stunning by merely projecting their natural stone pattern. What you need to look for is a material that does not attract stains. Discoloration or stains from soiled materials is a big turn-off, mostly if this happens by the poolside. Who would want to splash and dive in the water if the surroundings look skanky?

Stains on the pool deck’s surface can also be a grimy texture from mildews. This happens when cracks or dirt from the soil underneath seeps on the concrete surface. With a stain-resistant material, the surface will also clean easily. No need for constant power, washing a pool deck. This can be done on a set schedule and will be required seldomly.

4- Dozens of Design Options

Concrete Materials offers multiple designs. The possibilities can go miles. A concrete decking can be stamped, stenciled, recoloring, sprayed, or stained, as well.

Here are some of the popular ideas for concrete decking for you to have a good grasp of what you can do to enhance the pool’s look.

  • Stamped Overlays- A rubber stamp is pressed over a newly poured set of concrete. The top layer is finished with stamping patterns that can replicate other materials or textures of raw stone, flagstones, wooden deckings, or brick patterns.

As the top layers are finished with your chosen pattern, the surface receives traction that creates a less-slippery surface.

  • Stenciled Patterns– Instead of rubber-stamped, a stencil material is used to create the designs. Stencils usually come in hard paper material. The stencils are laid over the concrete surface before a cement mix is poured over. As the mixture dries, the stencils are removed, leaving the marks from the patterns.
  • Sprayed or Broom Finished- These finishing techniques provide a distinct texture on the deck. Its main effect is creating a skid-resistance on the final layer.
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The spray texture is achieved by spraying the coating and finished by running a trowel over the layer before it fully dries. The broom finish is achieved by brushing a broom over the poured concrete creating linear lines for traction.

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