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Pool Decks Installation and Cost: The 411

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The homeowner needs to know what goes into the pool deck installation cost. Also, the final count of your price will come out if you know the nitty-gritty of the entire pool deck installation process.


Learn these in today’s post. All the essential facts about the pool deck installation are ahead.

How Much Does Pool Decking Cost?

Do not let the numbers drown you. Costing may sound like an expert’s job. That may also be your reason why you opt to let the pool deck contractors handle the entire planning and process of the project.

Let $8500 be the average cost for the installation of decks around the pool. This number may increase and decrease due to many factors. In the following discussion, you will learn the various considerations in the pool deck installation process.

Pool Decking Cost Per Square Foot

Get ahead and be the real boss of your project. Start by looking at the minimum requirement of your pool decking per square foot. Next, know the current condition of the pool area and the size of the decks that need to be done.

Here is an estimate of the overall pool decking cost per square foot:

$15-$30 this number represents decks with simple to moderately complex designs. This estimate also works for either above-ground or in-ground pools.

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Costings and Other Considerations

The entire process will involve the material costs, labor costs, and timeframe of the project.


Define what roles each one plays:

Type of Materials and Cost Comparisons

There are many materials you can choose for creating the pool’s decks. Here are the ones popular in Tampa and cities with humid climates. Their average cost per sq ft is also included for you to compare


  • Concrete – $2 to $6
  • Wooden Decks – $15 to $35
  • Composite or Engineered Decks – $17 to $40
  • Tiles – $1 to $35
  • Pavers – $5 to $20
  • Rubber Tiled Decks – $16
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Labor: DIY or Professionals

Next is to consider if you can DIY your pool decks or hire professionals. Most homeowners would opt for a DIY since it cuts their expenses.

But consider if you have the time to do all the necessary steps with precision. Another is, do you have all the tools? Or do you need to buy or rent devices so you can do the job yourself?

Paying for rent for tools and the time to find your sources and suppliers will equate to the cost of hiring professionals. So, better decide wisely if you are going to take the DIY path or not.

The labor cost for installing basic concrete pool decks will range from $6 to $15 per square foot. More elaborate designs will cost you a labor fee of $15 and above per person.

Design Considerations

The extent of labor and the type of materials to choose will go hand-hand with the design you prefer.


Simple designs will allow you to DIY. If it’s more complex, then hiring the pros will help best.

swimming pool with stamped pool decks

Materials influence the design. You may choose one material which costs cheaper. But the question is, does the material match with your properties theme? Does it satisfy your preference?

Here is a tip: choose the design you prefer and stick to it. Even professionals will admit that they find it hard to decide for owners who choose based on a budget while targeting elaborate designs.


If you want to make the cost worth it, then research the designs. Ask experts for advice. Getting their professional opinion about aesthetics would not hurt and would not cost a penny.

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