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Is It Worth Having a Pool in Florida?

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Florida wouldn’t be dubbed “The Sunshine State” if it wasn’t for the intense heat. With an average annual temperature of 70.7°F, having a pool in your backyard makes the hottest days far more tolerable. Aside from that, there are several reasons why having a pool in the country’s hottest state puts you at an advantage. Many residential homes in Florida have pools, so why not build one for your own home? And when you think about building a pool, one of the crucial things you need to consider is to hire a professional concrete contractor in Tampa for your decks.

Here’s why you should have a pool in Florida

It increases the value of your home

In the property market, homes with a pool are in demand. This raises the property’s worth significantly. A pool can certainly be a selling point for your home and give you the ability to sell it for a higher value, adding tens of thousands of dollars to the price.

It helps you relax all-year-round

Aside from being a good investment, a pool is a great way to relax and cool off in the summer. Even in the hottest months of the year, you can enjoy the outdoors and decrease your usage of your home’s air conditioning system. If your swimming pool is heated, you can even enjoy it during the chillier months. Of course, it won’t get that cold in Florida, which is another good thing about having a pool here since you never really need to close it down like those in northern states.

It’s good for your health

Swimming comes with a number of health benefits. It’s a cardiovascular exercise that helps increase your heart rate but takes some of the impact stress off your body. Many professional athletes exercise in pools because it keeps them fit while minimizing the strains due to the low impact water has on their limbs and joints. It also an excellent way to lose weight while keeping your heart and lungs healthy.

It saves you from vacation costs

During the hottest months of the year, people would spend days on the beach or some faraway resort to relieve themselves from the summer heat. This would cost thousands of dollars, and if they add that up for as many vacations as they are going to need, they could already afford a pool. Having a pool in your backyard allows you to enjoy the cool water any time that you want.

In Conclusion

A pool does come with many benefits, but before you consider having one, it’s essential to weigh the costs of installation and maintenance of a pool against its actual value. In the US, installing a pool may take you around $28,000, while maintaining it can run as high as $4,000. If you’re ready to have one, make sure to get professionals to work on this project, or else, a pool may be more of a nuisance than a worthy investment.

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