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A Step-By-Step Guide to Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete pool deck resurfacing is a great option for homeowners looking to give new life to their pool decks or for people who have become worried about the cracks they’ve noticed forming on their pool decks.

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When you decide to hire a contractor for a job as big as a pool deck resurfacing, you are essentially putting the fate and design of your pool into a pair of hands. That means everything should be carefully considered. And because it can be a big decision to make for your pool, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide of what happens when you choose to hire a contractor for your pool deck resurfacing.

4 Things Contractors Do To Your Pool

1. Design decisions

pool deck with tables and chairs

Of course, before any resurfacing can be accomplished, you will first have to know what you want your end result to be. That means making decisions on material, design, texture, size, color, and anything else you may want to add to your pool deck like space for plants or lighting fixtures.
It is only once you and your contractor have decided on a design, action plan, and have settled the cost will the actual work commence.

2. Prep work

To make sure the work goes as smoothly and as well as possible, time and effort should be dedicated to the preparation work it takes to get a pool deck ready for resurfacing. That includes cleaning, repairing any cracks, leveling the surface to make sure the overlay will be even, and making sure the surface is prepped for receiving an overlay.

The pool does not always need to be completely drained during a resurfacing, but this will ultimately depend on the contractor and how much work has to be done. But the pool system should always be protected before any work starts.

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3. Applying the overlay

pool deck repair tips

Once the surface has been prepped and everything is ready for the overlay, the contractor will start to apply the new overlay surface. It should be applied evenly and any designs that you want will be applied at this point. You can choose a generic stamping mat or request a hand-designed pattern.
Once everything has been done, a fine eye should be taken over every detail of the overlay to make sure everything has been applied correctly and that the design (if any) has been done with perfection.

4. Drying

The new surface should be left to dry once everything has been completed. Concrete has varying drying times depending on area size, the type of concrete, and how thick of a layer was applied. But generally, at least 24 hours is needed to completely dry the new concrete.

Once the resurfacing job has been completed, it is recommended that the pool deck is not used for at least 7 days, longer if the contractor suggests being extra careful. This ensures that the concrete settles correctly and that the job is completely done.

Resurfacing is a great idea for your pools when in need of a new coat or design but it isn’t a good idea to cover damages with it. It is best to get a Pool deck repair service from your trusted contractors when the signs are showing.

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