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Make a Splash With These Fun Pool Games

A swimming pool provides hours of entertainment for guests and family. That’s pretty much one of the main reasons to have your own pool. It’s where you cool down during long summers, throw parties and have fun. To make things more exciting than it already is, we’ve got pool game ideas for you and the whole family to enjoy. Playtime has never been more fun with these exciting water games.


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Underwater Coin Hunt

underwater coin hunt

What you’ll need:

  • A  jar of different sized coins
  • Timer

A jar of coins is scattered around the swimming pool and set a time limit of 60 seconds or longer. A group of players will dive for the coins. The player with the most coins gathered before the time runs out, wins. For kids, make sure to keep the coins in the shallow part of the pool. Adult players can dive for coins in the deeper end to make it more challenging.

Dolphin Relay

dolphin relay

What you’ll need:

  • A couple of beach balls


Divide players into two separate groups. Division of players must be equal. Line them up at the pool deck. The first player of each team will go back and forth at both ends of the swimming pool while bouncing the ball against their forehead or nose. Once the players make it back to the line with the ball, the next player does the same. The game continues until the last player on the lines is able to finish the race. The first team to finish wins.

The Invisible Bottle

pool game invisible bottle

What you’ll need:

  • A crystal clear two-liter plastic bottle
  • Whistle


Line all players at the pool deck with their backs turned against the water. Fill the bottle with pool bottle and place it underwater in a discreet area. Once the bottle is safely placed in the water, blow the whistle as a go signal. At the go signal, players will simultaneously dive in and look for the bottle. Sounds easy? Not so much. Filling the clear bottle with water and hiding it underwater renders makes it almost invisible.

Make sure your swimming pool is free from hazards before playing any games. Cracks won’t make the pool deck safe for swimmers. Avoid slip and fall accidents by dealing with these early on. For a pool deck that’s hazard-free, pool deck repair services are a necessity. If you want to know more about pool deck repair in Tampa, visit our homepage.

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