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Get the Look: Cool Paver Designs For Your Concrete Pool Deck

There are so many designs for pool decks available on the market right now. Geometric designs, logos and emblems, and even multi-colored patterns can be imprinted on your pool deck.

But sometimes, a classic-looking pool deck can have a stronger effect than any of the ones mentioned (though we’re not knocking on them; they’re still beautiful). And what’s more classic than pavers on your pool deck? Pavers are a flooring material made up of concrete “blocks” that are put together to form an interlocking design that is timelessly iconic.

But with the techniques these days, there’s more than one way to get a unique and timeless pavers design on your pool deck. We’ve put together a list of our favourite pavers pool decks to inspire you.

Classic Paver Patterns

grey permeable pool deck paver

Classic Grey Permeable Paver

A permeable paver refers to concrete pavers that are set and formed on a layer of some kind of aggregate, designed to let water through the spaces to be absorbed into the soil below. Because it’s a cool and efficient design detail that allows for water absorption, it’s extremely popular for concrete pool decks. This is the classic paver look that comes to mind anytime we talk about pavers as it has that classic “brick-like” look and a slate grey color, but permeable pavers can also be found in multiple other colors and shapes.

articles pavers

Stamped Concrete Pavers

Pavers, though very stylish, can also be quite costly to install. Because they come in separate blocks, choosing a paver design for your pool deck can vary in cost depending on your current pool deck material and how large the area is. If you’re looking for an affordable option for paver pool deck, you can explore stamped concrete as an alternative option. Stamped concrete can mimic many other flooring materials like pavers at a cost far lower than the real thing would cost you. Stamped concrete is done by using mats with a design imprint on wet concrete. When dried, the concrete pool deck can then be stained to the desired color, like a dark grey or a rich rust. Stamped concrete pool decks also have great other benefits like durability, longevity, and it can be texturized to repel heat absorption.

L pavers pool deck

L-Shaped Pavers

Just because pavers are a classic look does that mean they do not come in non-traditional shapes. L-shaped pavers are an example of a non-traditional shape for pavers that can still give a classical look to your pool deck. An L-shaped paver can give a more fun and imaginative use of pavers on your concrete pool deck. It can come in many shades of grey and can also come in many textures like a smooth flawless finish or a slightly textured finish to give a more rugged and industrial look to your concrete pool deck.

Interested in stamping paver designs on your concrete pool decks? Let us professional pool deck contractors do the job for you! We offer various options to up the game for your pool area. Want to read on? Browse through our blog on the cost of stamped concrete overlays. Is landscaping a huge task for you? We’ve gathered up some yard landscaping ideas to match the theme of your pools and get you that vibe you’ve always wanted.

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