Swimming in your pool is one way of spending time with your loved ones and friends. But what happens if the deck falls to damage and wear? Who are you going to call? That’s right, commercial pool deck resurfacing Tampa, FL, has got you covered. We are a professional and locally-based, and family-owned commercial and residential swimming pool resurfacing company. 

We specialize in pool resurfacing services with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our work includes pool surfacing, pool deck renovation, concrete resurfacing, and so much more. No one does it better in all Tampa Bay, like what our team has to offer, and our high-quality results prove just that. There is no need to find another company any longer.

The Benefits Of Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing Tampa

poodeck resurfacing

We do our best to consider a complete pool deck replacement only as a last resort. There are alternatives to doing so, and they come with a pack full of advantages.

  • Pool resurfacing beats costly replacement.
  • Resurfacing lets the pool deck last longer.
  • Resurfacing grants new pool surfaces that function more efficiently.
  • There are dozens and dozens of colors and designs at your perusal. The tones do not fade immediately.
  • Our decks highlight diamond brite and other unique properties.
  • Pool resurfacing saves you a pool of money.

Upgrade residential and commercial pools with resurfacing to your pools! Pick up your phone and ask us today @ (813) 513-9506! Plan your next pool renovation projects! 

Pool Deck Resurfacing Tampa Installation Areas


Hotel pools and decks demand precision, detail, and quality. But that is nothing we can’t handle. We can install pools in hotels to attract more patrons. Hotel managers and owners can get in touch with us for any specifications and custom designs.

Apartments and condominiums

Nothing beats slip-resistant pool decks in apartments and condominiums. Our dedicated crew can turn these settings and raise their market value. Fiberglass and in-ground pools are also available for installation.


We can customize outdoor concrete pool decks for universities to meet their criteria and standards.

Lap pools

Our state-of-the-art coatings improve lap pools and their overall integrity and durability. These pool decks work around the clock, and we are here to make sure they do so without fail.

Public pools

We can work on public pools as well. Regardless if it is to resurface a small portion of the structure or the entire thing itself. We can even install pool spas if a client requests so!

How Long Does A Commercial Pool Deck Coating Last?

pool deck resurfacing

A residential or commercial pool requires an overlay or resurfacing to keep the materials working and last for years to come. Many factors work their way into consideration.

  • Usage and overall traffic
  • The pool’s location or region
  • Exposure to the elements and the weather
  • Temperature changes.
  • Upkeep or maintenance
  • Pool chemical and solvent exposure
  • Installing company professionalism

Each of these determinants has an overall effect on the pool materials and outdoor concrete. However, the primary secret to how long it lasts is the overlay product that workers will install on a surface.

  • Sealants

We have acrylic sealants we can apply on pre-existing concrete surfaces and add to their strength. Our sealants last up to five years.

  • Modified overlays

Our modified polymer works best for staining and stamping procedures. Your pool deck is guaranteed to last for years with these bad boys on the job.

  • Deck cooling

If you are thinking about decades’ worth of long-lasting products, deck cooling is your ideal choice. The only downside to this overlay is that low to freezing conditions reduces their durability and smoothness.

Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing Designs

The sky’s the limit when choosing your pool deck designs. And here are some of our more popular picks.

  • Classic Textures

We have a variety of textures for your picking. They are guaranteed to be slide and slip-resistant and can handle all sorts of cleaning.

  • Diamond Brite finish

Diamond Brite is the alternative to classic pool deck looks. They are bright, pleasing to see, and durable. The best part about these designs is that there are plenty of colors and textures.

  • Talk about sandy

Some clients want a beachside vibe for the pool decks. And our sand finish gives just that. You can customize as much as you wish. However, we prefer the sand-bleach tint.

  • Brick

Although brick might not be the best choice for most customers, it still proves beautiful and elegant. Numerous patterns and colors are available for you as well as to select from our preset lists.

  • Faux Stone

Resurfacing also can mimic different things such as flagstone, wood, among other things. And our faux stone decks make the structures scream quality and professionalism. Available in combinations of red and black.

Maintenance Tips For Pool Deck Resurfacing 

Our refinished and resurfaced pool decks’ beauty is that maintenance and repairs aren’t an issue at all. But here are some upkeep tips for your structures. Do these to keep your surfaces appealing and fresh.

  • Use cleaning agents and liquids that do not harm the concrete materials or the overlay coating on top. Talk to an expert retailer before using one.
  • Check the sealant’s condition every once in a while. The product helps prevent cracks and other forms of damage. It also deters mold from forming.
  • You can reach hard corners and dirt-filled areas with scrubbing.
  • Prepare sanitizers and disinfectants if you have plans for poolside meals and affairs. Some of the food and drink will find their way into the pool and is an invitation for stains, dirt, and grime. 

Why Hire Professional Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing for your Decks?

Rest assured that we will deliver professional and quality results with our work. No job is too big or too small for our hard-working and excellent team. These resurfacing and refinishing options can outperform traditional ones, such as wood and ordinary concrete. They are affordable, easy to use, and take less effort to clean and maintain. Your residential and commercial pools won’t be the same after we get down to business! And we will transform your structures into works of art.

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A big splash and happy faces around the pool is what we are passionate about. And there is no other company out there who can deliver stamped, stained, repairs and maintenance, knockdown texture, custom scorelines, and other services like we do. Our team of friendly customer service is ready to accommodate you. Should you need a warranty and a variety of pool finishing products and services, talk to us!

Tampa Pool Decks is a proud member of Tampa community. We are committed to create better residential and commercial properties through concrete restoration, masterful craftsmanship, and smart design.
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