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3 Ways To Achieve The Knockdown Textures

Homeowners continue to like the Pool deck Knock Down Finish Tampa because of its remarkable looks and usefulness. There are various ways to create this recognizable effect, and today, you’ll be learning about how to recreate it with 3 methods.

3 Methodologies

Trowel Knockdown TexturE

In this method, a thin layer of texture material, like joint compound or drywall mud, is applied to the concrete surface using a trowel. The surface is then softly hammered down with a knockdown knife or a texture roller to produce a stippled texture after the material has been troweled flat.

This method, which is also known as the Skip Trowel or Mud Trowel method, offers a flatter, more understated appearance than the other methods, utilizing a curved-blade drywall trowel with approximately an 18-inch or broader blade to apply the drywall mud, then use the cleaned trowel to skim the mudded area once more.

The curved trowel effectively causes the mud to bounce over the wall or ceiling, filling 50% of the area with a sparse pattern of globules the size of quarters. This method takes longer to complete than splatter since hand troweling requires patience.

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Spray Knockdown Texture

In this technique, a thin coating of texture material, like a joint compound or stucco, is sprayed onto the concrete surface using a hopper gun. A trowel or knockdown knife is then used to flatten the material, giving it a homogeneous texture that looks stippled or flattened.

Splatter is the most common knockdown texture; it has the traditional appearance of Spanish lace stucco and is a complex pattern of splotches that was inspired by lace veils. It is done by first spraying the area with a drywall hopper gun filled with either joint compound powder combined with water or pre-mixed wet drywall mud.

To create a low-profile raised texture that spans around 40% of the surface, the peaks that emerge are then flattened with an 18-inch or broader knockdown knife. When spraying a ceiling, in particular, the application might be a bit untidy.

Additionally, because a drywall hopper gun is needed, this method takes longer to set up initially than stomping and using a mud trowel. But once it is, the application turns out to be quick, uniform, and less strenuous. A smaller area may be covered in as little as an hour, while a bigger one takes roughly a day.

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Stamp Knockdown Texture

This method gives the concrete surface a patterned texture by using texture stamps or stamping mats to mimic the look of different materials like bricks, stones, and pavers. While the concrete is still wet, the stamps are pressed into it to imprint the desired pattern. After the concrete has partially dried, the surface is flattened with a trowel or knockdown knife to produce a textured, stamped pattern.

Stamp has a greater height off the surface than spatter or mud trowel and is the most visibly textured of the three. It is made by diluting ready-to-mix or premixed drywall compound with water, then rolling it on the surface using a paint roller.

The mud is then worked with a stiff-bristled crows-foot brush and flattened with a conventional knockdown knife, leaving a unique texture on at least 60% of the surface. The total procedure can take up to twice as long as the spatter since drywall requires two steps to complete: stomping before knockdown and initial roller application to completely cover the surface.


It should be noted that establishing a knockdown texture on a concrete floor needs some talent and knowledge; thus, if you have no prior experience dealing with concrete, it may be preferable to contact a professional concrete contractor.

Before applying any textured material, it is also crucial to make sure the concrete surface is clean, dry, and adequately prepared, as this can change how the texture will ultimately appear.

The appearance of your knockdown texture following application depends on several things. The surface of the area where the texturing will be applied is one of these parameters. And that is why you need to have an expert on Pool Deck Knock Down Finish Tampa to do the work for a seamless result.

In other words, before it is taken down, the new drywall will absorb moisture and begin the drying process from underneath. A painted surface, however, is the exact opposite since it is sealed and won’t absorb moisture the way fresh drywall does.

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