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An Easy Guide to Upgrading Your Pool’s Design in 2019

There are so many ways to decorate a pool and all its components that it can become confusing to know what exactly is in and what has become outdated. But you’ll want to make sure your swimming pool is up-to-date, trendy, and ready for all the entertaining you plan to do this season. Explore some innovative ideas to make the most out of your pool decks

If you’re looking for some design inspiration as you redecorate or resurface your pool area, here are some general guidelines on just about every aspect of the pool experience for 2019:

Components Of Pool

pool water feature

The Pool Itself

There are so many ways to add both drama and design to a pool. A great way to add design to the pool and muffle any noise from the neighborhood is to install a water feature to the pool area. Not only is it dramatic, but it can also be customized to suit your pool and your home. For a current and modern look, choose a simple water feature design.
When choosing a water feature, you will have to consider the size of the opening for the water, its style, and how much water spills through. The water will also have to be recirculated water so there are also engineering questions to consider.


pool deck resurfacing tampa

The Pool Deck

While you should always want your pool deck to look good, you also have to consider the practicality of it. And when the pool area is exposed to that much heat, you will want to consider the temperature of the flooring of your deck.
Concrete decks can easily be revamped with pool deck resurfacing, which applies an overlay to the existing deck to cover up cracks, reinforce it, and allow you to redesign the surface. After the pool deck resurfacing, we recommend getting a knockdown texture applied to it, which effectively stops the concrete deck from overheating and burning bare feet.
Great designs this year are faux limestone, which gives an elegant and understated look to your pool deck and can very easily be installed by your pool deck resurfacing contractor.

pool deck with tables and chairs

The Poolside Area

There are so many things you can do with a pool area. But be warned: trends are leaning away from overcrowded and over decorated pool areas because they interfere with the peace and tranquility of the water.
If you want to add furniture to your pool area, we suggest comfortable and simple lounge chairs and tables that can be used by everyone freely. You won’t want to put anything too fussy or expensive near the pool.
If you want to have some plant life near the pool for the freshness and the detail, stay away from any plants that shed or are overly fragile. Choose grass, sturdy cacti and succulents, or small flowering plants.
For 2019, it’s all about keeping the design thoughtful, practical, and aesthetically simple.

Convinced about getting a cool upgrade for your Tampa FL pool deck? Check us out! We deliver quality concrete pool deck refinishing services for you to enjoy! Read more about pool decks by browsing our blog on how to prepare your pool for the fall season.

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