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Decorative Concrete Pool Decks in Tampa, FL

Tampa Pool Decks is a company committed to providing concrete pool deck resurfacing solutions for those who invest only in high-quality results. With a line of services that combine artful design and masterful craftsmanship, we perform to suit your needs. Our team of professionals is here to turn your pool deck into a remarkable display of solid workmanship. We work closely with you to achieve the outcome you want. It’s like doing it your way, only better.

We evaluate. We advise. We provide a solution. All we’re asking is that you give us a try.

What We Have to Offer

concrete pool deck with trowel
Pool Deck Repair

Concrete is durable but it could acquire damage from heavy foot traffic, old age, and long exposure to outdoor elements. We offer repair options that aim to provide effective fixes for damages such as cracks, holes, discoloration, and more.

crack repair
Crack Repair

One of the most common concrete pool deck issues is cracking. Some pool owners just ignore it and wait until it gets worse. However, it is important to deal with cracks immediately because a lot of issues could arise from one open crack on the slab.

articles stamped concrete
Stamped Concrete

Fancy a high-end stone pool deck but could not afford one? Stamped concrete is the right option for you. Using stamp mats, the pool deck can be designed in patterns and prints that exude more appeal at an affordable cost.

classic texture
Sundek Classic Texture

Acquire slip-resistance in its finest with this textured acrylic concrete coating. Classic texture uses a spray-down method to acquire a surface that is both stunning and safe to walk on.

resurfacing pool deck
Pool Deck Resurfacing

When the surface of your pool deck is not as appealing and functional as it used to be, pool deck resurfacing can renew the look and improve its function without replacing the entire slab.

refinishing stamped

A concrete sealer is crucial to maintaining the look and durability of a concrete pool deck. We offer resealing services to restore the protective properties of a sealer, especially in high traffic areas.

See What Our Clients Think

5 stars
Right from the design and through the installation of the pool deck, the Tampa Pool Decks kept us informed. Even when I am not at home, they would call and give an update. It is such a bonus, too, that they stayed on schedule and within the budget agreed upon.
- Ana Smith


Every Tampa concrete swimming pool deck, be it public or private, deserves a second chance. Which is why we made sure that we can provide high-quality solutions for you to choose from.

  • Stamped Concrete – Acquiring the appeal and texture of rocks, brick, tile, or pavers are now easier and more affordable than ever with concrete stamping.
    Stamped concrete pool deck Tampa mats that have pre-printed with a corresponding pattern or design are laid over a newly poured slab or overlay until an imprint is created. Staining can be done to make the replication a lot more realistic.
  • Sundek Classic Texture – Using a hopper gun, an acrylic concrete coating is sprayed on the surface of an existing concrete deck. The splattered coating is then knocked down manually using a trowel. The slip-resistant texture it creates is similar to stucco but a lot more subtle.
  • Stained Concrete – Color is an important factor when it comes to the appearance of the entire swimming pool area. Now, you can incorporate color into your concrete pool deck with concrete stains. It comes in two kinds: acid and water-based. We offer a wide range of color options for you to mix and match.

These applications may produce different aesthetics but all yield stunning pool decks that function better than it used to be. To ensure proper installation, leave the work to a pro. 

Not only will the installation be handled by someone skilled and experienced, the work they do also come with a warranty. 

This way, you know your Tampa pool deck will turn out better than it would be if done by an amateur.

Why choose DECORATIVE CONCRETE POOL DECK Resurfacing Tampa?

When it comes to improving or enhancing a Tampa FL swimming pool deck, there are many options out there from different price points. However, decorative concrete is one of the most preferred because of the many perks it provides.

Safe and Slip-resistant – Both stamp and knockdown texture coatings provide enough slip-resistance to make the pool deck safe enough to walk on even when wet. As for stained concrete, we apply a sealer with fine abrasive to make the surface a bit safer from slips and falls.

pool deck railing

Design and Color Choices – Wouldn’t it be fun to have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to designing your pool deck? Why restrict yourself when you can make better choices with decorative concrete. You can choose from different stamp patterns, such as ashlar, brick, flagstone, fractured slate, tile, wood, and more. As with colors, acid stains offer earthy tones while water-based stains also offer pastels and many other colors you could mix and match to acquire the desired look on your pool deck.

Durability – The coatings and overlays we use come only from the top manufacturer of decorative concrete products. It is guaranteed to stay durable and stunning despite the many harmful elements that the pool deck encounters.

Affordable – Compared to other materials that are used to replace or cover up a concrete pool deck, decorative concrete is, by far, the cheapest and most reliable. It makes use of the existing slab, cutting down on material cost. The work is less tedious than that of replacing the entire slab with a new concrete mix, thus, cutting down on labor cost.

Eco-friendly – Restoring concrete helps lower the carbon footprint produced when new concrete is manufactured. It also minimizes the amount of concrete waste in landfills.

Cool Surface – A pool deck is one of those outdoor spaces where people could walk barefoot. However, most paving materials absorb heat, making it feel like walking on flames. With a spray texture coating, concrete surfaces are kept cool to the touch, thanks to its heat reflectivity feature. Instead of absorbing heat, it reflects it back to the air, keeping the surface cool enough to walk on comfortably.

For us, the only goal is to apply our professional expertise in decorative concrete to meet your demands. We’re not satisfied until you are. So make your move now. We’ll be patiently waiting.


Concrete is a reliable material. But when the time comes that it can’t be as beautiful or functional as it was, we offer solutions that can bring it back to its former glory, if not better.

Pool Deck Resurfacing – From the heat of the sun to the chemicals in the pool water, a Tampa concrete pool deck is exposed to a lot of elements. Over time, it could induce damage that could both be unsightly and dangerous. We offer overlays and coatings that can replace the top layer of your pool deck, giving it a brand new look and better function while retaining the existing slab.

Pool Deck Refinishing – The finish of a pool deck is likely to get dull and fade as time goes by. The sun, rain, and other outdoor elements also play a role in stripping the finish off of the pool deck. We offer concrete staining services to help restore the protective layer of the pool deck while enhancing its appearance.


Crack Repair – One of the most common concrete issues is cracking. If left alone, a small crack could get bigger, wider, and longer. The exposed inner concrete is then exposed to sun, rain, and pool water. If any of these penetrate the slab through the crack, then the damage could get worse. We do concrete repair for cracks, filling it with an epoxy filler that is flexible enough to hold the crack together while keeping elements at bay.

Resealing – The protective layer that is placed on top of a concrete pool deck, whether it is resurfaced, refinished, or repaired, can only last around two years. After that, it needs to be resealed to continue the protective property. We also specialize in resealing concrete pool decks.

Us Concrete contractors Tampa make sure that every service we provide is done with utmost care. As much as we don’t want anyone in our team to be harmed during the installation process, we also would like to make sure that you, your family, and your pets are kept safe. Our staff is skilled, highly trained, and regularly updated when it comes to decorative concrete, the installation process, as well as safety precautions during any concrete job we handle. After we are done, we clean up and leave nothing but a more stunning and more function pool deck for your home.


It can be quite disheartening to see your investment deteriorate before your eyes. A concrete pool deck may just be another concrete surface but it greatly influences the value that your swimming pool brings. 

When one of our installers come out to inspect a pool deck, he checks to see if it a restoration or a renovation is a more appropriate solution. Here is a brief description of each:

  • Pool deck restoration – Restoring the existing concrete deck is great if the damage is manageable Refinishing, resealing, and repairing pool decks are three methods that we can use to restore the deck back into an aesthetically pleasing deck with improved function.
  • Pool deck renovation – Renovating the pool deck is a more sound solution if the damage is a bit more challenging. For example, if the surface is blemished with cracks, spalling, and other ugly damage, it would be best to remove the top layer and replace it with a new coating or overlay. This is what we call pool resurfacing.

It is natural for homeowners to want to do their repairs on their own. However, there are many risks involved in a DIY. Unless you are an expert concrete installer, it is better to leave the work to expert concrete contractors in Ave Tampa, Tampa Bay Area, and surrounding locations.

They would have the knowledge to determine the real issues, find the appropriate solution, and to perform the process with exceptional skill. All of these will guarantee successful results that will last a long time.

When you find that your family owned concrete pool deck is not as luxurious as it was the first it was installed, why not consider decorative concrete as a solution?

Concrete Contractors in Tampa know how important it is to keep the deck clean, beautiful, and safe. Our concrete services focuses on improving and enhancing decks using decorative concrete overlays and coatings. Call us today!

You can turn to us with confidence!

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Tampa Pool Decks is a proud member of Tampa community. We are committed to create better residential and commercial properties through concrete restoration, masterful craftsmanship, and smart design.

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